My Future Family

The My Future Family Game is a means of collecting data about players' family planning intentions while educating them about human reproduction. There is an embedded assessment which allows us to measure how much players know before and after playing the game. The goal of the game is to provide information that is often cloaked in shame and embarrassment through the relatively private means of a tablet or phone. Information is communicated via audio and animations. The base version of the game ships with the text and audio in English, but the game can be customized to include any other language as a second option. All data is anonymized and in aggregate. The game does not collect information about individual players that is linked to data collected during play.

game images
game images
still from mff game

We can integrate with your organization to deliver the game with a range of options:

  • Customization of avatars to match target population
  • Additional languages in written and spoken text
  • Customization of data points collected during gameplay
  • Addition and deletion of different milestones in the game

We provide the APK version the game installable on android phones or tablets. There is a standard list of data points that are collected via gameplay. These can be customized to adapt to different institutional goals. At the end of gameplay, the data is uploaded to our servers.

Details about the game development project and a video of base gameplay are available on the My Future Family website. Following our pilot deployment, we added a pre-post assessment to the game and a another milestone that asks players to match the most appropriate form of birth control to individual couple's lifestyles. See videos below for snippets of gameplay.

Video of gameplay via a web browser. The game can also be played on a phone.

game images game images game images game images