Baby Give Me Some Sugar

The Baby Give Me Some Sugar Game makes thinking about how to have a healthier diet into a game. Baby is a chef at a diner who is hiding sugar in the things you like to eat. The goal is to guess how much sugar is actually in commonly eaten food. In the process, players are motivated to research actual sugar amounts. Once you know that there are 9 cubes of sugar in a can of cherry Coke, how many cans will you let your kids drink?

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game images
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We can integrate with your organization to deliver the game with a range of options:

  • The promo for the game can be sent out as an email to employees. Clicking on the link opens the game in a browser. The game takes just a few minutes to play
  • The game can be completely anonymous, or can be delivered as an app connected to an institutional wellness program to track changes and progress.
  • The game can be part of a series of minigames relating to food that are distributed to players over the course of a week: one day it is guessing game, a second day players pick the food with the most sugar from two columns, the third, determine which component of a meal has the most sugar, etc.

Video of gameplay in a browser window.

game images game images game images game images